Can You Help an Iguana? Waffles Needs a New Home!

Current owners are expecting a baby and need to find Waffles a new home.

Waffles poses for a picture. Courtesy of owner
Waffles poses for a picture. Courtesy of owner
The new-fallen snow may be the talk of the town today, but there's more going on in Vienna than meets the eye. Like, did you know a pet Iguana in Vienna is looking for a new home?

"Waffles" is her name. She's at least 7 years old. She eats a vegetarian diet of mostly lettuce, kale and fruit. Here's more from the craigslist ad published by her current owners:

The iguana "has a cage I have had for several years, you may need to purchase a new habitat for her. To good home only. I have had her for about 7 years and I got her as a baby, my wife is pregnant so we are looking to find my iguana a new good home."
There is a re-homing fee of $150 for the iguana, which includes a cage, cat post, UV and basking light and a hammock.

If you think Waffles might be the pet for you, just click on the craigslist link in this story to respond to the owner's ad.
Patrice Roe January 03, 2014 at 12:15 PM
Re-homing fee? Is he truly interested in ensuring that his pet iguana has a good home? Or is this about the money? I know that there are good people out there who would consider taking in this iguana, but maybe they don't have $150 right now. And I don't get it. Why does he have to get rid of the iguana just because they're having a baby? This was HIS baby 7 years ago. This just doesn't add up, and I regret reposting it on Facebook now.


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