Have You Seen Lost Dog Coco?

Dog was sighted Sunday, Oct. 27; missing in August from Bridleridge Court in Vienna.

Coco was last seen Oct. 27. Photo courtesy of Middleburg Humane Foundation
Coco was last seen Oct. 27. Photo courtesy of Middleburg Humane Foundation

The Middleburg Humane Foundation is searching for a lost dog who ran away from a home in the Vienna area:

"He’s a very special dog that had a very traumatic life prior to coming into the care of Middleburg Humane Foundation. He had an knee injury and had suffered quite a bit of abuse. We had his knee repaired which required surgery and he was 10 weeks out in his recovery when a family fell in love and wanted to adopt him. We were thrilled that Coco would finally have a forever home.

Unfortunately Coco still had some emotional scars from his prior life and was a bit shy with men. The day after being adopted he slipped out the door and ran off. He had on a black collar and was dragging a black leash.  Unfortunately the family had switched the collar from the one he was adopted with that had both his rabies and Middleburg Humane ID tag on it. 

He went missing from Bridleridge Court in Vienna. He had been with his adopted family for less than 2 days so he is not familiar with the area. He is a brindle and white neutered male and will have a scar and possibly be limping on his rear leg.  

He is a very sweet dog, adores children and likes other dogs, but is shy so will run when approached by strangers. We have posted flyers, used Findtoto and hired a tracker from Dogs Finding Dogs. We have set traps and have had multiple people search the area. The last sighting was on Sunday October, 27th.

We have gone door to door with flyers and posted hundreds of flyers around the neighborhood and nearby trails etc. We sent flyers to local shelters, animal hospitals and local businesses. We have had a trap set since his disappearance with no luck. We would like to get his story out to reach more people in hopes of finding our boy.  

If he is sighted people should not approach but keep an eye on him and call Middleburg Humane Foundation 540-364-3272.  We also have a Facebook page Find Coco where people can post and follow the search as well. Please help us get Coco back safely!"

Kathy Flood December 14, 2013 at 10:50 AM
Here is a link to his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/helpfindcoco. We would love to get more help setting up trail cameras. If you live near the woods where Coco is hiding out and would be willing to check a trail for Coco sightings please post a message on the facebook page. All you would need to do is walk down to the camera pop out the memory card and it put it in your own camera or computer and flip thru the pictures. If you see Coco, let us know!


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