Man Gets Postcard From Mom — 55 Years Later

Note from 1957 finally finds its way to Vienna resident Scott McMurray.

Through rain, snow, sleet and hail, the U.S. Postal Service promises safe delivery of mail to millions of customers across the country.

Even when that mail is more than half a century late.

It's a promise Vienna resident Scott McMurray saw first hand this week, when he received a postcard sent to him by his mother in 1957.

ABC7 reports McMurray's mother, Isabel, and her husband were on a trip to Chicago and sent McMurray, then a teen in Decatur, Ga., a postcard from Shedd Aquarium.

The stamp was marked 2 cents, according to ABC.

The postcard was received in early April in Daytona Beach, Fla. The recipients tracked down McMurray in Vienna to deliver it.

A retired historian, McMurray told ABC he was happy the postcard finally found its intended owner.

It's not clear what caused the delay.

For a video interview with McMurray, watch the full story on ABC.


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