Stay Safe When the Power Is Out

Safety tips from local power companies.

Wintry weather; photo by Susan Larson
Wintry weather; photo by Susan Larson
By Susan Larson

The following tips will help keep you safe during a power outage.

  • Treat every power line as if it were a "live" wire and dangerous.
  • Stay away from downed wires or trees lying on wires.
  • Notify your power company immediately should you observe a downed wire. If phone lines are busy, contact your local fire or rescue department.
  • Take necessary precautions to keep others away from the area until qualified personnel arrive on the scene.
  • If a power line falls on a vehicle, stay away and avoid making contact. Report the incident immediately. If someone is inside the car, have the person stay there until professional help arrives.
  • If you or a family member is dependent on electricity-powered medical equipment, take steps now to seek alternative shelter or a source of backup power, as appropriate.
  • Proper installation by an electrician is required for portable generators. They should be installed at a site with proper ventilation, and never inside a building or garage. Do not connect it directly to household wiring. Improper installation jeopardizes your home.  In addition, power from generators can back feed along power lines and electrocute anyone coming in contact with them, including line workers making repairs.
Report Power Outages

NOVEC customers should call 1-888-335-0500 and following the system prompts.  Outages may also be reported on line and via text message.  

Report power outages to Dominion Virgina Power by calling 1-866-366-4357 or online


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