Vienna Restaurant Health Reports Cite Hand-Washing, Food Temperatures, Storage

Inspections of Vienna eateries.

State health inspectors check restaurants for cleanliness. Patch archive
State health inspectors check restaurants for cleanliness. Patch archive
Inspectors from the Virginia Department of Health recently visited several restaurants in or near Vienna:

Shamshiry Cholo Kabob

8607 Westwood Center Dr., Vienna
Date of inspection: Dec. 27, 2013
7 critical violations (four corrected during inspection). "The following refrigeration unit is not operating properly and is unable to maintain cold food at or below 41°F: walk in cooler 50F; Repair/adjust the unit so it is able to maintain foods at or below 41°F. Do not use the unit to store potentially hazardous foods while it is not operating properly." For the full report, click here. A follow-up inspection on Dec. 31 yielded one critical violation.

Anita's New Mexican Style Food

521 Maple Ave E, Vienna
Date of inspection: Dec. 13
1 critical violation corrected during inspection; different types of raw animal foods stored in such a manner that may cause cross contamination as follows: raw chicken stored immediately next to raw beef and sausage in 2 drawer/2dr prep cooler. For the full report, click here.

Manhattan Bagel

310 Maple Ave W, Vienna
Date of inspection: Jan. 6
3 critical violations; 4 non-critical violations. "A food employee failed to wash his or her hands before donning clean gloves." (Corrected during inspection.) "The handwashing facility located at the rear wall of kitchen is blocked, preventing access by employees for easy handwashing." (Corrected during inspection.) For the full report, click here.

About these inspections: 

See a sampling of those results below, and visit the health department's website for a complete list of recent inspections.

"Ideally, an operation would have no critical violations, or none which are not corrected immediately and not repeated. In our experience, it is unrealistic to expect that a complex, full-service food operation can routinely avoid any violations," according to department of health website.

The site continues: "Keep in mind that any inspection report is a 'snapshot' of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have fewer or more violations than noted in the report. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term cleanliness of an establishment."

Full reports can be accessed on the health department's website.
  • core item "usually relates to general sanitation, operational controls, sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), facilities or structures, equipment design, or general maintenance."
  • priority item is "a provision in this Code whose application contributes directly to the elimination, prevention or reduction to an acceptable level, hazards associated with foodborne illness or injury and there is no other provision that more directly controls the hazard," and "includes items with a quantifiable measure to show control of hazards such as cooking, reheating, cooling, handwashing."
  • priority foundation item "includes an item that requires the purposeful incorporation of specific actions, equipment or procedures by industry management to attain control of risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness or injury such as personnel training, infrastructure or necessary equipment, HACCP plans, documentation or record keeping, and labeling."


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