Vienna Cooking School Hires New Chef Focusing on Healthy Eating

Culinaria's Emily Doerman combines love of nutrition, cooking.

Culinaria's Emily Doerman combines love of nutrition, cooking. Photo courtesy of Culinaria
Culinaria's Emily Doerman combines love of nutrition, cooking. Photo courtesy of Culinaria

If one of your resolutions this new year was to eat healthier, there's a Vienna business that is here to help you: Culinaria

You can go try one of Culinaria's just-added classes with the cooking school's newest chef, Emily Doerman, R.D. Emily is on a mission to prove that foods can be both nutritious and delicious. She will be focused on teaching classes for people concerned with eating healthy, or who have special diets (gluten-free, diabetics, vegetarians, heart-healthy). 

Long before Doerman ever thought the word “chef” she knew she wanted to be a registered dietitian. When Emily applied to the dietetics program at Virginia Tech, she only had an interest in the science of nutrition, not the science of cooking. As time went on, Emily gained more and more interest in cooking and trying new recipes.

Once she completed her dietetic internship at the University of Connecticut, Doerman began working at a doctor’s office counseling patients for weight loss surgery, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. During these years, Doerman’s passion for cooking and her desire to learn more about the culinary arts deepened. She then completed the professional program at the International Centre for Culinary Arts in Dubai, focusing on classical continental cuisine.

Doerman loves experimenting with foods with a mission to prove that foods can be both nutritious and delicious. She works in a variety of ways to show how to create delicious, good-for-you meals. She conducts cooking lessons, nutrition counseling, and wellness seminars. You may even see her at the farmer’s market doing a cooking demonstration with fresh ingredients.

Ready to cook? Here is a list of Doerman's upcoming classes. Culinaria is located at 110 Pleasant St. in Vienna. 

Culinaria Cooking School is a recreational cooking school located in the heart of Vienna. The school offers classes for home cooks in both participation and demonstration formats. The classes cover topics including healthy cooking, baking, kids cooking, regional and ethnic cuisine, couples cooking and more.


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