Where's the Cheapest Gas in Vienna?

How much are you paying at the pump?

Gas prices are on the march again. Where can you get the cheapest gas in Vienna? We'll get to that in just a second.

First: How much are we spending on gas? That Texas A&M study that said the DC area has the worst traffic? It also noted that America as a whole spends $121 billion in gas and time in traffic each year. That's roughly $818 per person, per year.

And no, it's not your imagination. Gas prices are going up. Here's what The Atlantic reported Wednesday:

Despite the fact that we're in February, when the price at the pump is traditionally low, gasoline has marched up to past the $3.80-a-gallon mark on average nationwide, and is close to $4.00 on the West Coast. AAA tells the Washington Post that this "is the most expensive we've seen gasoline in the dead of winter." 

The Washington Post further reported that "some analysts also pointed to refinery issues. Several refineries have been shut down for routine maintenance, and in the eastern United States, several refineries simply went out of business in the past year.

"Atlantic Basin capacity closures have improved refining fundamentals," the nation's biggest refiner, Valero, said in a slide presentation at a Credit Suisse conference this month. It estimated that nearly 1 million barrels a day of refinery capacity has been closed on the East Coast or in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the past two years, which Valero said allowed it to increase profit margins."

OK, so where can you find the best price on gas in Chantilly?

The cheapest price Patch found in Vienna, courtesy of GasBuddy.com, was $3.91 per gallon. Two ways you can also save locally at the pump? You can earn gas "points" from Giant Food and Safeway when you shop for groceries. 

3.91 Sunoco2084 Chain Bridge Rd & Old Courthouse Rd 3.92 Sunoco102 W Maple Ave & Center St 3.93
Exxon2081 Chain Bridge Rd & Old Courthouse Rd 3.93 Vienna Gas & Auto Care410 Maple Ave E & Beulah Rd
3.93 Shell252 Maple Ave W & Pleasant St SW
3.93 Shell545 Maple Ave W & James Madison 3.99 Shell8411 Leesburg Pike & Gosnell Rd

Exxon395 Maple Ave E & Branch Rd


At least you're not in California. Gas prices there are topping $4 to $4.15 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. The worst prices are in Los Angeles, where the average is $4.26 per gallon, according to AAA.

Have you found gas any cheaper than $3.91? How are you saving on gas? Tell us about it.


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