Vienna Metro Second-Busiest for Morning Commuters

Morning entry peak ridership has increased 37.5 percent since 1995.

Ridership at the Vienna Metro station has increased by more than one-third since the mid-1990s, according to Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority data.

The number of morning weekday commuters who enter the Vienna station has increased from 6,990 in 1995 to 9,614 in 2012, Greater Greater Washington reported.

That’s an increase of 37.5 percent in 17 years. It’s also the third-largest increase in “AM peak entries” in the Metrorail system among stations that existed in 1995—only Shady Grove and Union Station have had higher rates of growth and Union Station is now the busiest station in the morning peak period.

“The AM peak is the 'purest' ridership period for measuring commuting. The vast majority of trips at that time of day are from home to work, so we can most easily attribute changes in a station's ridership in the AM peak to changes in commuting patterns,” according to Greater Greater Washington.

Vienna was the second-busiest station for morning peak ridership in 1995 and held onto the no. 2 spot in 2012.

Vienna also happens to be the second-most dangerous Metro stop in Virginia and the most romantic stop in the system.

Overall, peak morning ridership across the Metrorail system has increased 40 percent since 1995, from 169,000 to 236,000 trips for the average weekday.


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