Leveraging Your Brand with Blockbuster Events: 7 Insider Secrets to Increase Your Profit by Integrating your "Why Factor!"

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Are you masterful at what you do, but not quite sure how to set yourself apart from your competition?

Are you ready to experience transformation in your marketing, taking your event attendance from zero to "sold out" status?

Can you benefit from the insider perspective of an experienced, trustworthy event manager who will help you place a new framework around your processes and marketing mindsets?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, keep reading...I've got the perfect solution for you!

Hello, and welcome! I'm Tya Bolton, the leader of Exceptional Business Solutions, LLC and manager of many events, virtual teams and projects. As a result of the experience of my team and I managing hundreds of events over the years, I've been blessed to have worked with some pretty awesome speakers, and I'm here to give you the inside scoop on what made their events GREAT, time and time again!  Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Join me in the company of a small group of like minded professionals, and I will provide you with the 7 nuggets each of these successful speakers have integrated into every single Blockbuster event!

Who are you...and WHY does the world need you now? I'll help you get in touch with your "Why Factor!"

During our half day together, we will cover the nuts and bolts of event and program management from pre-planning to post-event wrap up. Yes, strategy is super duper important. I'll show you how to think big picture, while being mindful of all the other moving pieces that contribute to a successful event.

 Because this 1/2 day workshop is hands on and we'll approach events from both the strategic and tactical viewpoints, the class size is limited to less than 12 participants so stop spinning your wheels, redirect your coffee money for the month and make the commitment to start making more money today. REGISTER NOW.

You can't afford to NOT show up.  Hosting your own events can lead to six figure sales success - and even more than that if you're thorough and incorporate the strategies I'll share with you. Let me show you how to create a Blockbuster event!

Who should attend this event? small business owners, consultants, marketing team members, administrative staff, and the almighty team member that wears too many hats to mention here.

Why this mixture of professionals? Great question! No guru has ever survived without a team.  While it's great for all business owners to attend, your team members who will inevitably be helping you with various components of your events will greatly benefit by learning alongside you, getting the same level of access to information you have in real time.  It also gives them some accountability to help you manage the moving pieces when it's time to implement.

Quite simply, if you've got bright ideas, experience in your field, and looking to grow your revenue by leaps and bounds while incorporating your brand, growing your list, and selling out your events, this event is for Y-O-U!


*A 1/2 day of fun and learning with yours truly.

*Fun, hands on exercises to drill down on the juiciness of your brand and your "WHY FACTOR," and ways to intergrate that into the goals of your BlockBuster event!

*Learn to distinguish between the type(s) of event(s) you should incorporate into your marketing funnel.

*Learn to identify the key players to your event team, and enlisting your lead magnets.

*Learn the value of making money by sharing it. Yes, I said share your money!

*Learn how to use your gift of speaking to sell to generate revenue with your upsell.

*You'll walk away with the infrastructure of your next Blockbuster event in your hands by the end of the workshop.

*Event Checklists, Timelines, and other Resources

Let's recap! Here's what you'll receive:

You're receiving my guides, resources, 1/2 day of content, exercises, infrastructure for your next Blockbuster event, and my 7 insider secrets.

The value of this entire event is well over $800. This is a no-brainer return on investment for you.  Why am I offering this class for less than $200? Because I care about your success.  My "Why Factor" is leaving a footprint in the success of other people's lives.  That's it. No gimmicks. Don't forget to register by Friday, February 8th @ 11pm ET to receive the deeply discounted early bird rate of $147, that's an instant savings of $50 off the standard rate.

But wait, there's more:

Every attendee will have an opportunity to enter a no purchase necessary drawing from our venue sponsor, Body Elements. One winner will receive a combined 60-minutes of absolutely FREE spa services:

(1) 30 minute Endermologie for Body & (1) 30 minute Lift6 for Face

Follow the link to register today!




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