August's Top Stories: Police Chase, Swim Coach Charged Top List

See which stories Vienna Patch readers clicked on the most in the month of August

Each month Vienna Patch will list the stories readers found the most fascinating, as measured by page views. 

Once you're done reviewing the list, let us know if you're surprised by this month's top stories. Which story had you talking to coworkers at the water cooler the next day?

10. : Mutts Matter Rescue took a one-week break from telling readers about dogs looking for a home to write a piece about how pit bulls have become so maligned in our society. It not only garnered enough page views to just make the top 10 cut, but also received nearly 200 comments from readers.

9. : Crime news always generates a high number of page views, but August saw two Fairfax County Police Logs crack the top 10. See also No. 6.

8. : A cyclist was struck by a car around Aug. 8 where the W&OD Trail crosses Park Street in Vienna.

7. : The Vienna Police Department releases a log of reported incidents each week. This particular one that led with a Chipotle customer who jumped over a railing to take a left-behind iPhone had the most page views of them all.

6. : Crime news always generates a high number of page views, but August saw two Fairfax County Police Logs crack the top 10. See also No. 9.

5. : A cyclist and a driver got into an argument as the two traveled along Maple Avenue on Aug. 16, police said. The driver, John Arthur Thorpe, of Bristow, after witnesses reported he allegedly intentionally struck the cyclist with his vehicle.

4. : Erica Hendry has stepped out of her role as Local Editor for Vienna Patch to become an assistant regional editor in Northern Virginia.

3. : A woman was walking along the 7600 block of Lee Highway when a knife-yielding man forced her into some nearby brush around 11 p.m., police said.

2. : In a probable cause hearing in Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, a judge moved forward  against Noah Rucker, 39, of Bristow, a former Madison High swim coach.

1. : Breaking news of a police chase along three major commuter roads toward the end of rush hour Aug. 29. Charles R Lawton, 44, of Washington, D.C., was .

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