Latest Crime in Vienna: Man Eludes Police, IRS Scam, Dog Bite, Marijuana DUI, Graffiti

Also: Lost ring, naked man, tree trim scammer, more.

A report on the most recent crimes in Vienna. Patch file photo
A report on the most recent crimes in Vienna. Patch file photo
Here are the latest crimes in Vienna, courtesy of the Vienna Police Department:

  • Fraud: 1000 Block Aponi Drive, NE Between March 30 at 12 p.m. and April 6 at 12 p.m. A resident reported he received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be employed with a company called “Bill Me Later.” The caller stated the resident owed for a purchase he had made on the Internet. The caller attempted to obtain the Social Security Number and the birth date of the resident which the resident refused to provide This case is being investigated.  
  • Found Property: 500 Block Church Street, NE April 2 3 p.m. A citizen responded to the Vienna Police Station to turn in a men’s ring she found in the parking lot. The ring will be held until the owner can be identified.
  • Animal Complaint: 500 Block Valley Drive, SE April 4 8:43 a.m. A resident reported her dog was able to get past her and run out of the house and may have bitten a neighbor. MPO Sheeran responded and spoke with the neighbor who advised the dog bit her but it had not broken the skin although she did suffer some bruising.  The dog owner expressed her interest in surrendering the dog as she felt she was no longer able to control it.  ACO Barker will follow up with this case.  
  • Solicitor: 200 Block McHenry Street, SE April 04 9:42 a.m. A resident reported that over the past few weeks, solicitors from “Johnson Tree Service” had been at her residence and had aggressively been soliciting for tree services. The resident stated the men did not leave any contact information and left the area prior to the arrival of the police. (Please Note– When approached by workers who are soliciting repairs or landscape work at your residence verify that the work is needed, request a written contract and proof that the company possess a valid Town of Vienna solicitors permit. In most cases the unsolicited workers are not reputable and will attempt to scam residents using intimidation.)  
  • Vandalism: Frederick Street at Tapawingo Road, SW April 4 1 p.m. Officer Kiley responded to the area of the Water Tower for the report of graffiti that was spray painted on a fence. 
  • Found Property: Northwest Federal Credit Union 231 Maple Avenue, East April 4 1:57 p.m. A citizen responded to the Vienna Police Station to turn in a wallet she found lying on the ground outside the Northwest Federal Credit Union. Officer Holcombe placed the wallet into property to be held until the owner can be identified.   
  • Suspicious Event: 500 Block Beulah Road, NE April 4 4:43 p.m. A resident reported she received a telephone call from an individual who stated he would send her $550. The caller informed the resident she could keep $220 if she would send the remainder back in the form of a Green Dot Card. MPO Sheeran informed the resident the telephone call had been a scam.  
  • Arrest – Drinking in Public: 900 Block Maple Avenue, East April 04 9:42 p.m. Officer Tracy was on patrol when he observed an individual drinking a beer while he was walking on the sidewalk. Officer Tracy approached the individual, 48, of no fixed address and issued him a summons for Drinking in Public. Harris was released after signing the summons. 
  • Vandalism: Wooden Bakery 303 Mill Street, NE Between April 4 at 11:30 p.m. and April 5 at 2:30 a.m. A citizen reported that someone vandalized her vehicle by scratching both sides and slashing the tires. This case is being investigated.  
  • Driving While Intoxicated: Old Courthouse Road at Fairway Drive, NE April 4 11:50 p.m. Officer Tracy was on patrol when he observed the driver of a vehicle commit a traffic offense. As a result of the traffic offense he conducted a traffic stop. Upon his interaction with the driver he detected the signs of impairment and the odor of marijuana.  After locating a measurable amount of marijuana and failing to complete several field sobriety tests Officer Tracy transported the driver, a juvenile, to the Vienna Police Station where she was given the opportunity to provide a sample of her breath for analysis. After the analysis she was released to the care of her mother. This case is being investigated.     
  • Suspicious Event: 800 Block Cottage Street, SW April 5 12:49 p.m. A resident reported she had seen a man enter a residence that is under construction. She stated the man left the property with several unknown items and appeared to be in a hurry. This case is being investigated.  
  • Arrest – Elude Police: Maple Avenue at Center Street, North April 6 2:02 a.m. PFC Lyons was on patrol when he discovered the driver of the vehicle in the lane next to him was driving on a revoked Virginia Drivers License. PFC Lyons activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop however the driver accelerated, at a high rate of speed, in an attempt to elude him. PFC Lyons followed the vehicle for a short distance before he requested the Fairfax County Police be informed the vehicle was about to enter their jurisdiction. While maintaining a safe following distance PFC Lyons observed the driver lose control at Maple Avenue and Follin Lane, SE. The vehicle ran up onto the median, spinning around 360 degrees, before becoming stuck in the grassy area on the opposite side of the roadway. As PFC Lyons approached the vehicle the driver was making several unsuccessful attempts to free his vehicle by rocking it from forward to reverse. PFC Lyons along with MPO Seitz were able to take the driver into custody and arrested a 23 year-old man of Tower Street in Fairfax for Felony Speed to Elude. The man was transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with Felony Speed to Elude, Driving While Revoked (Second or Subsequent), and Driving while Displaying License Plates belonging to Another Vehicle.  He was held on a $10,000 bond.  
  • Lost Property: The Lotus Restaurant 224 Maple Avenue, SW April 6 between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. A customer reported he had lost his wallet while at dinner.        
  • Business Alarm: American Cancer Society 124 Park Street, SE April 6 5:21 p.m. An alarm company reported that the alarm to the American Cancer Society had been activated. MPO Sheeran responded and was met by a tenant of another office who stated he opened the American Cancer Society door by accident, activating the alarm. MPO Sheeran searched the office and found nothing appeared to be out of place. An employee responded and secured the office.  
  • Fraud: Rose Kabob Restaurant 126 Block Maple Avenue, West April 7 12 p.m. An employee reported he had received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be an employee with the IRS. The caller informed the employee there was a warrant for his arrest issued due to problems with his taxes. The caller instructed the employee to purchase a Green Dot Card and provide the caller with the information to redeem the card.  Officer Digan informed the employee the caller had been attempting to scam him.  This case is being investigated. (Please Note – Recently there have been reports of callers claiming to be employees of the IRS. The callers claim the resident has either committed tax fraud or had improperly filed previous tax returns. The caller informs the resident to send a Western Union payment or purchase a prepaid debit card, for payment, or the resident will be arrested.  This type of call is a scam. Never send a payment unless you have verified the validity of the caller.)  
  • Petit Larceny: 100 Block Melody Lane, SE April 7 between 12 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. A resident reported that after a visitor had left her home she discovered several pills were missing from a prescription bottle. The resident stated she did not wish to pursue charges.     
  • Animal Case – Quarantine: 500 Block Colony Court, NW April 7 11 p.m. ACO Barker received a report from the Health Department informing him that a Town of Vienna resident had been playing with the family dog when she was bit.  ACO Barker informed the resident on the quarantine process. The owner agreed to quarantine the dog at home.  ACO Barker will follow up with the case.  
  • Arrest – Domestic Assault: Cottage Street, SW April 08 8 a.m. A resident reported she and her husband had been embroiled in a heated argument that escalated to a physical assault when he struck her.  Officer Digan responded and after speaking with both the husband and wife he determined that a physical assault had occurred. The husband was arrested and transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with Domestic Assault and Strangle another Causing Wounding or Injury.  The husband was released on his signature.  
  • Destruction of Property: 300 Block Church Street, NE April 8 between 11:05 a.m. and 2 p.m. A resident reported his mailbox post had been broken.  
  • Arrest - Petit Larceny: Rexall Drug Center 150 Maple Avenue, West April 8 1:42 p.m. An employee reported an individual had entered the store and left without paying for merchandise. Officer Tremont responded and located the individual and determined he had attempted to steal merchandise from the store. Officer Tremont arrested a 72 year old man with no fixed address for Petit Larceny.  The man was transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with Petit Larceny. While at the detention center he was also charged with Failure to Appear as the result of a charge from the Fairfax County Police.  He was held without bond.  
  • Telephone Case: 200 Block Elm Street, SW April 8 4 p.m. A resident reported that she received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be an employee with “Windows Media.” When the resident informed the caller she was not interested he began to yell obscenities at her. Officer Digan instructed the resident to refrain from answering any future calls from that number. This case is being investigated.  
  • Welfare Check: 200 Block Locust Street, SE Between April 8 at 10 p.m. and April 9 at 12:45 a.m. A resident reported he had broken up with his girlfriend and he was concerned for her welfare. Sgt. Sylmar spoke with the girlfriend who informed him she was fine.  
  • Arrest – Alcohol Violation: 600 Block Courthouse Road, SW April 8 11:21 p.m. Sgt. Sylmar was on patrol and observed the driver of a vehicle commit several traffic violations. As a result of those violations he conducted a traffic stop. Upon his interaction with the driver and the occupants of the vehicle he detected the odor of alcohol. After further interaction he determined that both occupants had consumed alcohol and were under the age of 21. Sgt. Sylmar issued a summons to an 18-year-old male of Walking Trail Way in Hope Mills, N.C. for Underage Possession of Alcohol.  He was released after signing the summons. The second occupant, a juvenile, was also issued a summons for Underage Possession of Alcohol and released to her mother.  
  • Fraud: 700 Block Maple Avenue, East April 9 between 9:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. A resident reported that she had received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be a court-appointed attorney, hired to represent her grandson. The caller stated her grandson had been arrested after being involved in a traffic accident. The resident was instructed to send an undisclosed amount of money, via Western Union, to an address in Lebanon. After receiving the wire transfer the caller would see that the grandson would be released. After sending the money the resident received a second telephone call from an individual claiming to be the prosecutor in her grandson’s case. The second caller informed the resident she would need to send another Western Union transfer for her grandson to be released.  The resident became skeptical and contacted her grandson who informed her he had not been arrested and was at work. MPO Sheeran informed the resident she had been the victim of a scam. This case is being investigated.  (Please note: Recently there have been reports of callers claiming to be law enforcement officials. The caller claims that a relative, of the resident, has been arrested. The caller instructs the resident that in order to ensure the release of their relative they must send a payment via Western Union or a Green Dot Card.  This type of call is a scam. Never send a payment unless you have verified the validity of the caller.) 
  • Medical Case: Center Street at Moore Avenue, South April 9 6:05 p.m. PFC Lyons responded to the area in reference to several calls reporting that a naked man, wearing a helmet was climbing on a vehicle. Upon his arrival members of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department were on the scene and providing medical treatment to the man who appeared to be suffering from a medical emergency. PFC Lyons and MPO Sheeran assisted with transporting the man to an area hospital for treatment.        
  • Vehicle Tampering: 300 Block Holmes Drive, NW Between April 9 at 8 p.m. April 10 8 a.m. A resident reported someone had entered his vehicle and unsuccessfully attempted to enter the glove box. The resident believes the vehicle was locked.  
  • Juvenile Case: 200 Block Lewis Street, NW April 9 9:29 p.m. A resident reported that her daughter had left the house without her permission. This case is being investigated. Case Update: On April 10, Officer Reedy received a telephone call from the mother informing him that her daughter had returned home unharmed.  Officer Reedy responded to the residence and counseled the daughter on the dangers of spending the entire night away from home and her need to make better choices.  
  • Destruction of Property: The Cedar Lane School 101 Cedar Lane, SW April 10 1:27 p.m. An employee reported a student had become angry and punched a hole in the wall. This case is being investigated.                  


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