Ask the Candidate: Chris DeCarlo

Independent candidate for Virginia's 11th Congressional district answers 10 questions from Patch readers.

Earlier this month, our readers submitted questions for Patch's Ask the Candidates forum. 

Candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's 11th District are giving their answers this week on Patches across the district.

Today, Independent Chris DeCarlo responds to the survey. Decarlo has taken a unique approach to his answers -- he's included the lyrics to two of his campaign rap songs, including Money, Money, Money and Fight For Our Lives, the video for which has been uploaded with this article. His responses appear unedited below. 

You can read responses from other candidates who responded to the survey throughout the week here.

How will sequestration affect Northern Virginia? If elected, do you intend to fight it?

See answer to question #7.

Do you support Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPAC) (also called Obamacare, or the federal health care law)?


How do you differ from your opponents on defense issues?

“Quit making wars just to feed the machine.”

Government spending has increased significantly in the last few years. Do you have plans to change that?

“Stop wasting taxes and killing all our dreams.”

Many states, including Virginia, have received waivers of the No Child Left Behind Act and others have waivers pending. Are you willing to support a repeal of this law nationally?

Yes. “Cut the red tape so we can all escape.”

What position do you have on requiring students with special needs and individualized education plans to take the same SOLs as their age-peers, regardless of how far behind academically they might be?

No response.

What will you personally do in 2013 to ensure our nation recovers from the decades of irresponsible politicians who have put our future at great risk?

I’m the fighter that’s not on the take,                                   

Swinging for the laws we got to make.

But corruption’s the Champ in this town,

I’m ready to fight; I’m ready to get down.


Put me in a match, I can make him bleed,                       

A quick left and a right, he’s on his knees.

He buys everyone, he’s all about the Bengi’s,

I’m not doing this to meet all my friend’s needs..


Character, ability, strength and the truth,                       

These virtues flow straight from my roots.

We work together to meet our demands,

I’m not afraid to get dirt on my hands.


I won’t take money but I can take a punch,                       

I’m not in this to get a free lunch.

I buckle knees, I float and I sting,

Get off the ropes, use your vote and put me in the ring.


            I sang all their songs,

            Believed all their lies,

            Let’s get DeCarlo in Congress to fight, fight for our lives.


I’m not trying to tell you its black or it’s white,           

Like the guys on the left or on the right.

They’re trying to give blind to the sight,

It’s up to you to get down for the fight.


Stop wasting taxes and killing all our dreams,           

Quit making wars just to feed the machine.

Cut the red tape so we can all escape,

If the rules are fair I’ll take you there we’ll make this country great.


            I sang all their songs,

            Believed all their lies,

            Let’s get DeCarlo in Congress to fight, fight for our lives.


They keep on giving us the same two choices,           

Tell us what to think with the same tired voices.

How could this happen, we were never consulted,

I sit in disbelief, I’m amazed and insulted.


Vote for me so we can finally begin,                                   

To right all the wrongs and end all the spin.

For and by the people is the way it’s gotta be,

So knuckle up cast your vote and get behind me.


I sang all their songs,

            Believed all their lies,

            Let’s get DeCarlo in Congress to fight, fight for our lives

The Republican-controlled House has twice voted for the Ryan budget, which would cut $5.7 trillion from federal programs, replace Medicare by establishing a voucher system to help seniors and the disabled pay part of the cost of buying private insurance, and privatize Social Security. Since congressmen only have the ability to vote up or down on the plan, would you vote Yes or No for the Ryan budget if, as expected, it comes before Congress next year?

America’s Congress is out of control,

We need to get together, rise up and rescue its soul.

It’s been corrupted and we’re paying the price,

It’s time to take it back and get rid of the vice,


Lobbyists have hijacked the American dream,

Terrorists in disguise keep running their scheme.

The cash that they’re slinging makes the big boys rich,

But it’s driving our country right into a ditch.


            Money, money, money,

            I ain’t fallin for it honey.

            There’s got to be somebody,

            That isn’t in a party.


Political corruption is the weapon they use,

A subtle way to take control and to abuse.

Political corruption is enemy number one,

We need to improvise, adapt and overcome.


This mission is important, we’ve got to succeed,

We’ve got to stop‘em or we’re gonna continue to bleed.

The cash keeps coming motivatin’ the lies,

We’ve got to cut the flow so that the truth can survive.


            Money, money, money,

            I ain’t fallin for it honey.

            There’s got to be somebody,

            That isn’t in a party.

I’m Chris DeCarlo.  We all know that this country is not where it is supposed to be. This is not what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason or James Madison intended. This is not what they expected.

Never working with each other cause they’re just so set,

They’re blasting each other every chance that they get.

They’re spending all their time on the left and on the right,

While we become the refugees of that fight.


They keep on claiming that they’re saving the day,

But the day never comes and we all get played.

So send in your money or you’re going to jail,

Now you’re stuck, out of luck cause you can’t make bail.


Money, money, money,

            I ain’t fallin for it honey.

            There’s got to be somebody,

            That isn’t in a party.


The choices that they give us are always the same,

It’s gangland government running a game.

The issues are the bait that they want us to bite,

While they take our every dollar like thieves in the night.


There’s so much debt we can’t last too much more,

They’re shutting down factories from shore to shore.

There’s not much left that they haven’t destroyed,

Good luck collecting taxes from the unemployed.


Money, money, money,

            I ain’t fallin for it honey.

            There’s got to be somebody,

            That isn’t in a party.

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, do you agree that actions taken by President Bush, including two unfunded wars, Medicare Part D, and the Bush tax cuts, all of which were not paid for, were the primary causes of the collapse of the economy in October 2008?  Do you support President Obama's proposal to end the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 per year?

See answer for question #8.

There is a serious lack of funds for Northern Virginia transportation projects, including for the Silver Line. Do you think there should be more federal funding for these projects? What’s the right balance between federal, state and local funding? 

See answer for question #7.

angela October 18, 2012 at 07:13 PM
my gosh we don't need a poet in office! btw not all poems need to rhyme
Colleen Smith October 18, 2012 at 08:18 PM
@Angela - my feelings exactly - I liked his message so much last time I voted for him but this is a bit "far out" to me....and makes me thing both oars are not in the water and he's not serious.
Raibarth October 18, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Nice Rap, I like the idea.......but it failed to make me understand what Chris stands for exactly. Being against corruption is a good cause (and I support that no matter what) but not a policy. Is Chris against the capmpaign financing but also against "Obamacare"? What is he for instead? Where does he stand in Healthcare, Education, Defense, Taxes.........etc?


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