Inaugural Attendees Want Tougher President in His Next Term [VIDEO]

Supporters hopeful President Obama will do more for middle-class America.

Lisa Hightower didn’t attend President Barack Obama’s first inauguration four years ago and refused to miss this one.

Hightower, who traveled from Brooklyn, N.Y. with her children, said they wouldn’t miss this inauguration for the world. With a full plate of issues, including trying to change the nation's gun laws, Hightower said the next four years could be very trying for Obama.

“I expect our president will be challenged,” Hightower said. “This is about our future.”

Thousands of people filled the National Mall to hear the president’s inaugural address and try to snap photos of him during the parade. Some were vocal about their wish list for the president, hoping he does more to unite Democrats and Republicans while others voiced their opinions about gun laws by holding up signs.

Penny Troutner of Baltimore said the president’s biggest issue is dealing with Congress. She said Congress has done little to move the country forward and much to tarnish the nation’s image. Through it all, Troutner said she expects Obama to be tougher in his second term as commander-in-chief.

“I expect him to fight a little more for the people,” Troutner said. “I see that he will with the gun control debate.”

What are your expectations for President Obama in his second term? Tell us in the comments section below.


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