Obama Campaign Opens New McLean Office

Romney supporters campaigned for their candidate outside the new Obama office in McLean on Monday night.

Nearly 250 Obama supporters from McLean and Great Falls turned out Monday night to the now-shuttered Blockbuster store on Chain Bridge Road to mark the grand opening of President Obama's new campaign office in McLean.

The space will be used to organize phone banks, neighborhood canvassing efforts and other field operations to boost chances for the president's reelection in Virginia, where Obama is just slightly ahead of former Gov. Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee, in recent polls.

The event was headlined by Democratic heavyweights, including Dranesville Supervisor John Foust, state Sen. Barbara Favola, former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe and Congressman Jim Moran. 

"When you walk out that door, you stop every person you see," said McAuliffe, a McLean resident, who co-chaired Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. "If they don't stop, tackle them."

With little more than a month to go before the election, speakers at the event urged attendees that canvassing door-to-door was the most effective method to spread Obama's message, even if it feels a little unnatural. 

"Now is the time that really matters. We've got to make sure we drive this home. The wind is at our back and we need to take advantage of that," McAuliffe said. "The most important thing of my message today is, folks, we need you knocking the doors."

Silvia Gonzalez Roman, a neighborhood team leader for the Obama campaign in Great Falls, said she's noticed more Romney signs in her neighbors' yards than Obama signs, but that it doesn't worry her.

"I'm not really concerned about yard signs," she said. "Yard signs don't vote...There are an incredible number of Democrats in Great Falls."

John Schell, a neighborhood team leader in McLean, said this final month of campaigning is crucial. 

"Right now is when things really heat up," Schell said. "Really the kind of work we're doing in the field is how you win. It's a grassroots campaign."

But Democrats weren't the only party making noise in downtown McLean on Monday night. 

As hundreds of Obama supporters flocked to the new campaign office, a smaller contingent of Romney volunteers turned out at the Safeway parking lot next door and passed out campaign literature to interested shoppers. 

"We're basically just showing our support - showing the colors for our candidate," said Jill Cook, the Dranesville District chairwoman for the Fairfax County Republican Party. "We're pretty low key."

Mclean Homeowner October 03, 2012 at 04:33 PM
@mom2, uptight much? It does sound like you've over-extended yourself, trying to be super soccer mom. Just because your day planner has little boxes for each 15 minute increment doesn't mean you need to fill every single box with an activity or task. Try leaving a few of those boxes empty, enjoy a little free time each day. It might help you empathize with others, rather than looking only for how it affects you. I was simply being facetious, I stumbled upon an unusual sight at my neighborhood drug store, and thought it was both funny, and telling, at the same time. First, the average age was 70. Second, it was inappropriate for these people to attempt to take over an event because they don't believe "the other side" has a right to assemble unopposed. If you don't like my 'hate' you should be consistent and feel the same way about the hate that the republican party has been pandering to and even fomenting. Frankly, the democrats can be just as bad as republicans. However, right now, and for the last decade-plus, it is the republicans who have been the most destructive and corrosive. We can marginalize the democrats when they start acting out and behaving poorly. I don't like a lot of their policies, but they seem to be better at acting like mature adults. There's a big difference between respecting the wisdom of previous generations and playing into their fears and prejudices. If you don't know what that means, keep voting blindly.
Mclean Homeowner October 03, 2012 at 04:44 PM
@Locally Involved -- yeah, I'm only playing the agism thing to play down to their level. I realize ignorance knows no age. Neither does reason. Some day both parties will be a distant memory. I understand why the people in power use this divide and conquer strategy, pitting half the population against the other over silly 'issues', but I could never understand why seemingly educated people keep buying into it and getting worked up over things that really don't impact their lives. Like the whole gay marriage thing. It doesn't affect me in any way if two guys or two women want to play house and what not. That issue just shows how easy it is to manipulate people, and distort their reality to the point where they will insist that it affects their own marriage, or their religious or superstitious sensibilities.
Mclean Homeowner October 03, 2012 at 05:14 PM
@mom2, oh jeez. Really?!? That is the most ridiculous attempt to use a tragedy to your political advantage. At least Bush used it to enrich his constituency and achieve long-standing neoconservative goals. I actually find your attempt to use 9/11 offensive and disrespectful. I have a feeling the "many of us" you refer to doesn't include YOU in particular. I, on the other hand, was right in the middle of it all. My father was on the 22nd floor of the WTC Marriott, my sister was walking up the stairs from the Chambers St. station when the first plane hit, and I found out about the whole thing when Secret Service agents asked me to leave the rooftop smoking lounge of my office building overlooking the white house and world bank so they could set up their air defense equipment. My father watched the General Manager run back into the lobby of the marriott minutes before it was buried under tower two. My sister watched the whole thing from the roof of her office on Reade st. You ought to choose your words carefully. Using a tragedy to 'win' an argument is petty and proves that you lack a valid argument. Just shut it down with something emotional, instead. Yet another example of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy that pervades the republican constituency.
Kathleen R Murray October 04, 2012 at 09:49 PM
So, d/t 9/11 no one can use the word hijacked again? I'm sorry you lost someone. But, b4 you start counseling people about their lack of care in choosing words, you may want to read your own here, which appear quiet nasty. But, as you say, that is your right in the U.S., just as it my right. Practice what you preach.
Kathleen R Murray October 04, 2012 at 10:12 PM
PS-As McLean Homeowner notes, 9/11 affected many...Never presume, esp. in the Wash. Metro area, that U R the only one w/a connection to that day. Those who died should be remembered with respect and love. Let's keep their memory and those of the 6573 US service members who have died in Iraq & Afghanistan sacred and pray for all the disabled wounded, who must live with their wounds daily. Peace to you. - I'm a Wife of a 100% Disabled VET, FYI.


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