Residents Want More Bus Service, But How and Where Remain the Question

Community offers feedback to proposed Fairfax County Connector routes, which will launch with the opening of the Silver Line later this year.

Local commuters want Connector bus services in their communities, but residents don’t agree on how they want the routes to run once the first half of the Silver Line opens at the end of 2013.

During a two-hour meeting, Fairfax County Department of Transportation officials presented a series of proposed modifications to bus service to and from Silver Line stations. But residents raised concerns about route layouts, bus frequency, parking facilities and more.

The county’s 2010 Transit Development Plan recommends 12 new routes be added to Tysons, McLean and Reston in concert with the opening of the new Metro line. It recommends 21 other routes be tweaked and six more be eliminated.

Christie Wegener, FCDOT’s Fairfax Connector chief, assured bus riders alternate service would be provided for the eliminated routes.

“We are not looking to remove service from any area of the county,” she said. “We are looking to enhance service.”

The meeting was one of several planned this week and over the next few months as the Board of Supervisors looks to approve bus service changes by May. Last night's meeting was at at Westbriar Elementary School near Vienna.

Routes 425 and 427 would be eliminated and riders would use the Silver Line rail or a new Fairfax Connector Circulator in their place.

Routes 505 and 555 — which provide service from Reston Town Center and Sunset Hills, respectively, to West Falls Church — would be replaced by new route 959, from Sunrise Valley to Sunset Hills; and riders using routes 595 and 597 would be able to take the Silver Line.

Route 432, which would run weekday rush-hour service to Spring Hill Metro Station and Leesburg Pike via Trap Road and Old Courthouse Road, was one route debated by residents at the meeting. The main concern was that Old Courthouse Road is too narrow to accomodate large buses.

Crossing Leesburg Pike and Parking Among Concerns

Other residents said the route needed to have buses running in both directions because crossing Leesburg Pike to get to a bus stop during rush hour is dangerous.

Finally, many residents were concerned about a lack of parking infrastructure. Some homeowners feared that commuters who lived too far from a bus stop would drive to the nearest location and park their cars in the neighborhood for the day.

But FCDOT representative Eric Teitelman said his office didn’t think there was much danger of that happening.

He said county parking enforcement policies in the neighborhoods surrounding new Silver Line stations were probably “inevitable,” but said it was less common with bus routes.

Fairfax County Supervisor Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) said constituents were raising valid concerns – most people want buses but they want to make sure the system is sound.

"People want to make sure it’s going to be a reliable service, that it’s going to be frequent,” Hudgins said after the meeting. “We haven’t heard anybody say ‘We don’t want this,’ but they want to know how it’s going to work.”

Another round of public meetings is planned for April, and the Board of Supervisors is set to make a decision in May. Bus service will launch on the day of the Silver Line’s opening.

For more information, visit www.fairfaxconnector.com or email fairfaxconnector@fairfaxcounty.gov.

Amrish Pinto (Realtor) February 06, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Remember the bus that went around Tysons? We should bring that back. Seems people didn't use it as much. I think that would change once Silver Line Metro comes.


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