Rohrer Appointed Deputy County Executive

As of Oct. 20, FCPD Chief Dave Rohrer will lead team overseeing public safety.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors appointed Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer to deputy county executive for public safety at its Tuesday meeting, announcing he will step down as police chief on Oct. 20 to assume the role.

In his new position, Rohrer will oversee the police department, fire and rescue department, office of emergency management and department of public safety communications.

Rohrer is the first to hold the newly created position.

“A dedicated deputy county executive for public safety is better able to quickly respond to events as they occur and to coordinate regional preparedness in advance,” County Executive Ed Long said.

Deputy County Executive Rob Stalzer, who formerly oversaw public safety as well as his other duties, will focus on planning, development and transportation issues. County officials hope the appointment will prioritize the county’s public safety resources.

Rohrer has been the county police chief since his appointment in 2004 and has been with the county police department for 32 years. He will have a salary of $191,168 in his new position.


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