Sharon Bulova Defends Her Record in Chairman's Race

Chairman says she helped county weather recession

On the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors since 1988, incumbent candidate for chairman Sharon Bulova is familiar with running for office. But she also loves actual running.

“She can totally outrun me,” says Gretchen Bulova, Chairman Bulova’s daughter-in-law. She says Bulova jogs between five and 10 miles each morning before going to work, where, Chairman Bulova says, she works as hard as she runs.

“I think that I’ve done a good job navigating through a very difficult period of time,” she said.

Bulova, the Democratic candidate, is defending her record against opponents like Republican Independent and Green Party candidate Glenda Gail Parker. Bulova says she has lead the county through the recession and lukewarm recovery since her election to chairman in 2009.

“The nation has been rocked by a very serious recession, and Fairfax County has emerged, I think, in a way where our quality of life is intact,” she said.

Bulova Fairfax County for the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process that is expected to increase traffic around Fort Belvoir and Alexandria’s Mark Center.

While Williams claims that she has failed to lead on the issue, Bulova says she worked with U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D) on finding additional transportation funding. Bulova also points to leading to Fort Belvoir as a sign that she’s helped soften BRAC’s impact.

Much of the future Bulova sees for the county is transportation-related. Bulova aims, if re-elected, to use “smart growth” strategies to Tyson’s Corner development less reliant on cars.

She also says she’s looking forward to seeing the Dulles Metro rail project finished, while keeping toll road fees low for drivers.

Business groups with their own interests in the Metro project have donated large sums to Bulova. Her which held more than $210,000 at the end of June, received $35,000 from a developer with property along the proposed line, as of the last reporting period.

Bulova says she isn’t swayed by such donations because the Dulles line has been planned for so long, and adds that she’s happy to have the support of businesses.

Bulova relieves stress by hosting large dinners for her family, said Gretchen Bulova, the wife of Bulova’s son, Virginia Delegate David Bulova.

“They’re almost mini-holiday dinners,” she said.

While Bulova has lived in Fairfax County since 1966 and been a county supervisor for more than 20 years, she says being chairman is a whole other level of work.

“I’m pedaling faster,” she said.

Bozo August 18, 2011 at 08:35 PM
The same person who defended spending our hard-earned tax dollars to subsidize luxury rentals (with gyms and pools) for low-income residents. Here's the Centreville Patch url to the article: http://centreville.patch.com/articles/furor-develops-over-luxury-subsidized-housing-in-fairfax-county-5
Deb Maddrell August 19, 2011 at 03:12 PM
Forgive me, but I don't see how the 'accomplishments' cited in this article helped Fairfax County weather the recession. In fact, if anything, the snarl-ups over the Silver Line and BRAC suggest that Ms. Bulova was not terribly effective at protecting the county's equities during the planning processes...


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