Vienna Votes: At the Polls for Election 2012

Voters at Vienna precincts talk about the issues that prompted them to cast their ballots

If you ask Roland Smith, Virginia's status as a swing state proves his fellow voters in the commonwealth are caring less about party and more about plans.

Smith, of Vienna, showed up to one of the Madison High precincts to show his support for President Barack Obama's plan. 

"If you look at the way the economy is now and the way the decisions are made, it's rich and poor now. There's no such thing as middle class. It's been abolished," Smith said. "Who abolished it? Republicans did. [Virginia] has swung over not to a party but to the best plan."

Smith has always been an active voter, viewing his vote as a way to speak to the politicians who are making decisions on his behalf.

"My vote counts. That's my voice. I can't stand up and speak to each candidate. My speaking is when I vote on the computer or down on that piece of paper. That's my voice," Smith said.

But the close race between Obama and his challenger, Mitt Romney (R), has also prompted those considered unlikely voters to show up at the polls.

Mark Halabi said he has never voted before, but knew he had to cast a ballot in favor of the Democrats up for election because the races stand too close for comfort.

"They care for the social issues more ... I support them because of their social policies," Halabi said.

Virginians are also voting for a new U.S. Senator, choosing between former governors Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) to fill the seat of Sen. Jim Webb (D), who served one term after defeating Allen for the role in 2006. The Kaine-Allen race for the Senate is considered one of the tightest in the nation — and the turnout and excitement for one candidate could translate to the presidential election and vice versa, as many voters vote along party lines.

Vienna residents also cast their ballots today to determine whether U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) will retain his seat in the 11th congressional district. Col. Chris Perkins (R) poses the biggest threat to Connolly's re-election, while four independent candidates are also in the race.

Check Vienna Patch as results roll in for an update on how your neighbors and the rest of the state voted. 

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