Vienna Votes: Romney Sweeps In Primary

Vienna turnout higher than state average, but lower than area average in 2008

About 62 percent of voters at Vienna precincts Tuesday gave their support to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary, falling in line

But it was a marked departure from the overwhelming support area residents gave Ron Paul in the same election four years ago, when Paul beat Romney by just one vote in the Hunter Mill District and by a slightly larger margin in nearby Providence.

While voters this year turned out to Vienna precincts at rate higher than the state and county averages or the Hunter Mill District average of 6.1 percent, not nearly as many residents voted this year as in the 2008 primaries.

Though Flint Hill and Wolftrap again saw the highest turnout among Vienna-area precincts, with 9.2 and 8.9 percent of voters casting ballots, respectively, they received only about half of the total votes cast in 2008.

Most Vienna precincts hovered around 6 or 7 percent. Newly-formed Precinct 204 saw just 50 votes, about 5.8 percent of its registered voters. The Tysons Precinct had the lowest percentage of voters turn out, with 4.3 percent.

Romney also won Fairfax County with about 65 percent of the vote.

Romney and Paul , but some voters like Vienna's Deb Maddrell weren't optimistic about Mitt Romney or Ron Paul securing the GOP nomination for the presidential race.

"But you have to vote anyways," she said.

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, both Virginia residents, didn't meet requirements to make Virginia's ballot.

A look at how the candidates stacked up across Vienna:

  Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Total Votes
Active Registered Voters % Precinct 202, Flint Hill:


279 3,048 9.2 Precinct 204, Madison:


26 50 865 5.8 Precinct 213, Vienna No.1:
102 127

3,837 6.4 Precinct 214, Vienna No.2: 66


3,029 7.5 Precinct 216, Vienna No.4: 41


1,428 7.6 Precinct 218, Vienna No.6:


2,077 6.3

Precinct 219, Westbriar:

66 167 240
  3,483 6.9 Precinct 226, Wolftrap:  92
201 303 3,402 8.9 Precinct 704, Freedom Hill: 37 89

2,048 6.3 Precinct 719, Stenwood: 23 39 63 991 6.4 Precinct 720, Thoreau: 46 83 136 1,637 8.3 Precinct 729, Nottoway: 75
227 3,568 6.4 Precinct 731, Tysons: Providence Committee Meeting Room, 7921 Jones Branch Road, McLean 37 70 118 2,748 4.3 Precinct 733, Kilmer: 81 125 
215 3,827 5.6  Vienna-area totals


  Ron Paul Mitt Romney Total Votes Active
Registered Voters % Hunter Mill District 1,702 2,878 4,812 79,103 6.1 Providence District

2,294 3,869 67,109 5.8
J Anderson March 07, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I'm from Wolftrap. Total says 303 votes but if you add them up it's 293. There were no write in's. I didn't check other totals. Can some folks go vote but then not cast a vote?
Erica R. Hendry March 07, 2012 at 04:19 PM
The discrepancy is likely in the number of people who requested an absentee ballot, but then didn't hand it in: The totals number of votes include those cast in person and "the number of voters who applied for absentee ballots not the number of absentee ballots returned and counted," according to Fairfax County. The total under candidate's name includes ONLY those cast in person and those returned by the absentee deadline. It IS also possible that some voters handed in a blank ballot. For example, at Wolftrap, it says 294 people voted in person and 9 requested an absentee ballot (to get to 303). Yet, Romney and Paul only got 293 votes combined. Based on those numbers, it looks like none of the absentees at Wolftrap completed their ballot, and one person handed in an empty, which brings you back down to 293. Hope that helps -- I'm uploading the full spreadsheet from the county so people can check out what happened in their own precincts.


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