Fairfax Schools Facing $140 Million Shortfall

School board work session expected to suggest big cuts for FY2015.

Fairfax Schools are facing a big shortfall    Credit: FCPS Fairfax Schools are facing a big shortfall Credit: FCPS
Fairfax Schools are facing a big shortfall Credit: FCPS Fairfax Schools are facing a big shortfall Credit: FCPS
By Karen Goff

When the Fairfax County School Board meets Tuesday in a work session to discuss its fiscal year 2015 budget, it will be looking at a serious deficit.

The system projects a $140 million shortfall, and new schools superintendent Karen Garza will propose some major cutbacks, The Washington Post reports.

Among the suggested changes:
  • Eliminating more than 1,700 staff positions through attrition and potential layoffs
  • reintroducing a $100-per-sport athletics fee
  • increasing class size by an average of one student

The County Board of Supervisors told the school board earlier this year to expect a 2 percent increase in the county’s transfer of funds. That will mean about $34 million more than last year to the $2.5 billion budget. 

School board chair Ilryong Moon said the increase falls short.

“I cannot imagine the Board of Supervisors turning their heads away from not only the challenges, but how devastating it would be if we were forced to accept those cuts,” Moon told the Post.

Read more about the budget in FCPS' The Bottom Line.

Read the entire Washington Post story here.

R. October 22, 2013 at 07:35 AM
FCPS has some serious rethinking to do. Rather than have a budget shortfall land on the shoulders of classroom teachers (again) via larger class sizes and job cuts, FCPS bureaucrats need to cut their top heavy administrative and non-classroom positions. A bond on the coming election's ballot concerns providing money for building improvements. When I taught many years ago, my principal used to say that when all was said and done, learning totally depended on "that teacher and that classroom full of kids". Our county teachers have not had a significant raise in many years and this year's pittance was not nearly enough to keep up with the cost of living. Delaying building improvements, cutting dead-wood non-classroom administrative jobs, and giving classroom teachers the support they need are the ways to make up for any budget shortfall. Until that happens, Fairfax County taxpayers are not getting any bang for their buck and their children are not getting the great education they deserve.


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