Photo Gallery: Madison High School Varsity Sports Awards

Athletes, parents and coaches celebrate the end of several successful seasons

James Madison High School held its Varsity Sports Night last week to honor the accomplishments of students and coaches throughout the year.

Awards were presented to players by Principal Mark Merrell and John Lingenfelter, director of student activities.

Recognition awards were also given to Dick Turner for being Madison High School's "Super Fan" and to Eric Gaskins for his service to all the sports teams.

Booster of the Year award went to Lanny Bernier, current JMHS Booster President.

Mentor of the Year awards went to Dance Team Coach Heidi Stafford and Football Coach Anthony Thomas.

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team,,  was recognized for their perfect season, which includes winning , and the

Other awards included:

Cheerleading, Fall: Caroline Naughton, Scholar Athlete

Cross County: Joseph Robinson, Kathryn Hahne, Scholar Athlete

Football: Andrew Fluke, Scholar Athlete

Field Hockey: Sam Woloszynski, Scholar Athlete

Golf: Chris Wendel, Scholar Athlete

Volleyball: Katie Junghenn, Scholar Athlete

All-District, Fall Season

  • Anna Stone, Cross Country
  • Christina Callano, Cross Country
  • Joe Corrian, Football
  • CJ Kelliher, Football
  • Zac Frederick, Football
  • Belle Tunstall, Field Hockey
  • Cristina Ceppi, Field Hockey
  • Tom Curley, Golf
  • Alex Hubbard, Golf
  • Chris Wendel, Golf

All-Region Fall Athletes

  • Belle Tunstall, Field Hockey
  • Tom Curley, Golf
  • Alex Hubbard, Golf

Wrestling: Nolan Diconti, Scholar Athlete

Girls Baskeball: Annie Gauf, Scholar Athlete

Boys Basketball: Jack Baule, Scholar Athlete

Swim and Dive: Michael Land, Beverly Dobrenz, Scholar Athletes

Indoor Track: Travis Johnson, Jillian Reagan, Scholar Athletes

Dance: Jessica Arnall, Scholar Athlete

Gymnastics: Kelsey Kaehler, Scholar Athlete

Winter All-District:

  • Kolton Star, Wrestling
  • Robert Dooley, Wrestling
  • Albert Schultz, Wrestling
  • Connor Eckhardt, Wrestling
  • Carmen Mann, Girls Basketball
  • Evan Owens, Swim
  • Ryan Fox, Swim
  • Kelly Corish, Swim
  • Laura Kellen, Swim
  • Jaleece Durham, Indoor Track
  • Travis Johnson, Indoor Track

Winter All-Region:

  • Albert Shultz, Wrestling
  • Robert Dooley, Wrestling
  • Ryan Fox, Swim
  • Kelly Corish, Swim
  • Girls 4x200 Relay

Swim All-American Status:

  • Ryan Fox, Dive
  • Kelly Corish, Dive

First Team All-State

Boys Lacrosse: Cameron Holdaway, Scholar Athlete

Girls Lacrosse: Kathryn Hahne, Scholar Athlete

Spring Track: Justin Rexroad, Sarah McShane, Scholar Athlete

Boys Soccer: Abass Darab, Scholar Athlete

Girls Soccer: Nadia Shebaro, Scholar Athlete

Crew: Peter Colwell, Katie Lawless, Scholar Athlete

Baseball: Gavin Gibbons, Scholar Athlete

Softball: EmJ Fogel, Scholar Athlete

Girls Tennis: Kelly Tyroler, Scholar Athlete

Boys Tennis:

Spring All-District:

  • CJ Kelliher, Boys Lacrosse
  • Matt Hayden, Boys Lacrosse
  • Taylor Rivera-Silva, Girls Lacrosse
  • Megan Bisson, Girls Lacrosse
  • Allison Hahn, Girls Lacrosse
  • Savannah Bentley, Girls Lacrosse
  • Jaleece Durham, Track
  • Nick Baietti, Boys Soccer
  • Abass Darab, Boys Soccer
  • Nadia Shebaro, Girls Soccer
  • Katie Grasso, Girls Soccer
  • Alice Craig, Girls Soccer
  • Belle Tunstall, Girls Soccer
  • Eli Facenda, Baseball
  • Johnny Graham, Baseball
  • Nate Favero, Baseball
  • Andy Mcguire, Bseball
  • Ben Bocher, Baseball
  • EmJ Fogel, Softball
  • Sam Brady, Softball
  • Dan Sablik, Boys Tennis

Spring All-Region

  • CJ Kelliher, Boys Lacrosse
  • Allison Hahn, Girls Lacrosse
  • Megan Bisson, Girls Lacrosse
  • Savannah Bentley, Girls Lacrosse
  • Taylor Rivera-Silva, Girls Lacrosse
  • Katie Grasso, Girls Soccer
  • EmJ Fogel, Softball
  • Dan Sablik, Boys Tennis

Spring "Of The Year"

  • All District, Region Player Of the Year: Allison Hahn, Lacrosse

Spring All-Met

  • Katie Grasso, Girls Soccer
  • Allison Hahn, Girls Lacrosse
  • Katie Lawless, Crew
  • Georgia Ratcliff, Crew
  • Women's First Varisty 8, Crew
  • Men's Lightweight 4, Crew

Spring All-Met Coach Of The Year: Paul Allbright, Crew

2010 to 2011 District Individual Champions

  • Jaleece Durham, 55m, 100m, 200m dash
  • Travis Johnson, shot put
  • Evan Owens, swim
  • Ryan Fox, dive
  • Kelly Corish, dive
  • Laura Kellan, swim
  • Kolton Star, Wrestling
  • Robert Dooley, Wrestling
  • Albert Schultz, Wrestling
  • Dan Sablik, Tennis

2010 to 2011 Region Individual Champions

  • 4x200 relay
  • Ryan Fox, dive
  • Kelly Corish, dive

2010 to 2011 State Individual Champions

  • Kelly Corish, dive champion

2010 to 2011 Team Champions

  • Boys Swim-Dive, District Champions
  • Baseball, District Champions
  • Girls Lacrosse, District Champions, Northern Region Champions, State Champions

All-Madison Team:

  • Al Hubbard
  • Dan Sablik
  • CJ Kelliher
  • Ryan Fox
  • Albert Schultz
  • Allison Hahn
  • Kelly Corish
  • Belle Tunstall
  • Katie Grasso
  • Sam Brady


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