Speak Out: What's Your Best Advice for Graduates?

Tell us what Marshall and Madison graduates should know as they step out on their own

We've all sat through graduation speeches (and other graduation-related remarks) that were painful.

Painful is a kind adjective.

My own high school principal, at a National Honor Society candle lighting, compared us all to geese and tadpoles. Not a flock of geese, or a family of toads -- just the animals themselves. I don't remember much about the speech other than students rolling their eyes and parents sneaking glances to see if the woman was serious.

But more often than not, each of us also has that one piece of advice -- whether from a speech to a crowd or in a private note from a treasured advisor -- that sticks; words that are visited time and time again as you pass through life's phases. Words you keep.

What was the best graduation advice you've ever received? We'll compile a list for Vienna's graduates to keep and look to as they enter the world on their own.

Here are some of the pieces of advice I've heard or been given:

  • Never settle
  • Invest time in yourself. Get to know yourself; it will probably surprise you. Be your own best friend, confidant and advocate. You may not be who you've always thought you'd be, and that's okay. 
  • "You are not special."
  • Your parents are your friends. Call them. (You can probably guess who gave that to me ...)

What's the best graduation advice you've ever received?

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Kim June 16, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Love your life, live your life every day! And keep those red solo cup photos off Facebook!


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