Video: Students Compete For Science Honors

Thirty-two of nearly 500 students in Madison High School's science fair will move on to regionals

Thirty-two students earned the chance last week to compete at next month's regional science fair after winning top honors in the competition at their own Madison High School.

Nearly 500 students competed for one of the advancing slots. They entered 326 projects -- one of the highest in recent memory, said physics teacher and science fair coordinator Martin Romeo.

The projects were judged by 95 volunteer judges, selected from the greater Vienna community.

The project topics, which Romeo called more diverse in recent years, ranged from physics and astronomy to health sciences and energy and transportation.

Those who will move on include:


Students Project name Nicholas Ackerman-Echeverria The effect of different music genres and volume on ant behavior Martin Quach The effect of sodium acetate on water Anthony Castillo, Sophia McKewen The Effect of Yeast Percentage on the Density of Bread Nathan Quan, Olivia Staton Analysis of hexavalent chromium in drinking water Aaron Walsh The effect of computer ACPI power states on time to return to SO versus power consumption Brie Hayden, Sarah McShane Commencing and Halting Hydrogen Production on Demand Josh Luberda The Effect of Various Core materials on the efficiency of a power transformer Erica Monroe The Effect of Building Structure on Stability Daniel Tavakol Synthesis of Neutrally Buoyant Nylon Beads through Microfluidics Dianna Chen How does Type of Insulation affect the heat transfer in Building Industry Minji Ryuh, Julianne Kim The Effectiveness of Human Hair to Absorb Oil GoEun Jeong Comparison of Corrosion Rate of Water Based,100% solid and conventional Solvent Based Epoxy Coatings  Andrew Bae, Ryan Sierzega The effect of various water temperatures on the amount of elements and substances found Hannah Hecht, Maggie Frick The Effect of Recycled Products on the succuss of insulation Annie Desmarais, Tara Razjouyan How to get fuel from coffee waste grounds (Tentative) Carolina Ratcliff The effects of egg substitutes on properties of a cupcake. Pascal Hensel Pulleys in series Harry Hild, Josh Biderman, Caroline Naughton The effect of masses on the Lenz's Law Force Ian Moore Frequency Differentiation Between Partials Madeline Hundley, Samantha Zukergood The Salinity on Water Buoyancy Jillian Ruske Measuring the speed of light in your microwave  Ethan Rogers The effect of increased atmospheric CO2 levels on plant growth

The Regional Fair is on March 18 at Robinson Secondary School. 

For a glimpse of Madison's fair, watch the video in the media player above.


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